Psychological TREATMENT


Mindfulness is a way to connect to your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations going on in the moment. It can be used as a stand alone therapy or in conjunction with other therapies.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is the most common treatment used in Australia wide and is an excellent starting place for treatment. CBT is a practical skills based approach.


ACT is essentially CBT incorporating aspects of mindfulness.

Schema Therapy

Schema therapy integrates multiple other therapies. It focuses on identifiying schemas or patterns of thought and behaviour that are thought to result in psychological issues.

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Trauma-Informed Therapies

Trauma informed therapies are different from other therapies in that they recognise that past trauma impacts the present in hidden ways which if unidentified can lead to ongoing symptoms of anxiety, depression, relationship issues or other struggles.


Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a more indepth form of treatment that is commonly used when brief treatment have failed. It requires additional training beyond offered in psycholgy or psychiatry trainings. Many of the above therapies utilise techniques taken from psychodynamic therapy. These treatments are a big commitment, generally requiring weekly sessions for multiple years. However, they are the only treatments which have evidence for efficacy continuing for years after the treatment has concluded.


Group Therapy

Group therapy comes in many different forms. It involves a number of patients coming together to work issues together. It is effective for many conditions, especially those which result in interpersonal problems. People are often fear joining a group and avoid these treatments.