Psychiatric treatment

Psychiatric Involvement

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor trained specifically to understand illness from a medical and a psychological perspective. As such they are uniquely placed to understand more complex presentation and may explore possible medical causes or medication treatments in addition to psychological treatments.

Medication Treatments

Medications can be a useful part of treatment. However, they all have side effects and have to be considers as both beneficial and costly. For them to be effective patients always need to have a choice. Medications are rarely a cure, but can certainly aid other treatment approaches. If this is of interest, our psychologist can refer you to a psychiatrist or general practitioner for more information.

Long Term Psychodynamic therapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is a more indepth form of treatment that is commonly used when brief treatment have failed. It requires additional training beyond offered in psycholgy or psychiatry trainings. Many of the above therapies utilise techniques taken from psychodynamic therapy. These treatments are a big commitment, generally requiring weekly sessions for multiple years. However, they are the only treatments which have evidence for efficacy continuing for years after the treatment has concluded.